VideoMastery provides advice, training and on-going support to organisations that want to be able to produce highly professional videos in-house.

For those new to video production we offer an intensive, yet fun, three-day Video Production Masterclass, which will teach your team all of the essential aspects of video production from scripting and planning through to filming and editing. These courses are held at your premises, for up to 4 members of your staff, and are personalised to your exact needs based on your existing skill levels, the equipment you'll be using, and the type of video you want to make.

For those who already have video production skills we offer a range of specialist courses to help you to enhance your skills. All of our faculty have between 10-40 years video production experience.

We can also recommend and supply the equipment that you will need, based on the videos you want to make, and your available budget and even after the training is over we can provide ongoing support.

To find out how much our clients love these courses have a read of their testimonials.

You can book a 20-minute, free, teaser session of our Video Production Masterclass course over zoom now using the enquiry form.



Ian Sandall

Ian Sandall
(BBC Trained Producer)

James Dingle

James Dingle
(VFX & Colour Grading)

Kathryn Wolfe

Kathryn Wolfe
(BBC/ITV Director, Presenter)

Robert S. Douglas

Robert S. Douglas
(Colourist, Editor & Visual Effects Artist)

Lloyd Ludgrove

Lloyd Ludgrove
(Scripting & Storytelling)

David Briscoe

David Briscoe
(Production & Post Production)

Kirsty Malcolm

Kirsty Malcolm
(Storyteller, Media & TV Journalist)

Peter Middleton

Peter Middleton
(Corporate Video Production)

Paul Barker

Paul Barker
(DP & Mini-drone Operator)


Creating Professional Videos on a Smartphone

(One or Two-day in-house course)


The course covers:

  • Smartphone Preparation
  • Smartphone Video Settings
  • Essential Apps & Accessories
  • Filming Skills
  • Filming in Multiple Formats
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Using AI (2-day course only)
  • Smartphone Editing (2-day course only)
cpdacc7/14 CPD Points
One-day course at your premises
£700 + VAT
(up to four delegates)
Two-day course at your premises
£1,300 + VAT
(up to four delegates)

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Video Production Masterclass for Marketers

(Three-day In-house course)


The course covers:

  • Using Video for Marketing
  • Production Process & Planning
  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • Location Management & Casting
  • Camera Operation
  • Filming Skills
  • Lighting Skills
  • Quality Sound Recording
  • Editing Skills (Premiere Pro/FCP X)
  • Exporting Tips & Video SEO
cpdacc21 CPD Points
Training at your offices
£1,800 + VAT
(up to four delegates)

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Video Production Masterclass for Trainers

(Three-day In-house course)


The course covers:

  • Using Video for Training
  • Production Process & Planning
  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • Location Management & Casting
  • Camera Operation
  • Filming Skills
  • Lighting Skills
  • Quality Sound Recording
  • Editing Skills (Premiere Pro/FCP X/DaVinci Resolve)
  • Exporting Tips & Video SEO
cpdacc21 CPD Points
Training at your offices
£1,800 + VAT
(up to four delegates)

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AI Generative Video Production

(Three-day In-house course)

The course covers:

  • Introduction to AI
  • AI scripting
  • AI storyboarding
  • AI avatar generation
  • AI voiceovers
  • Camera Operations
  • Lighting Skills
  • Quality Sound Recording
  • AI for Adobe Photoshop
  • AI video generation
  • AI audio editing
  • AI assisted editing with Premiere Pro
cpdacc21 CPD Points
Training at your offices
£2,100 + VAT
(up to four delegates)

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The following courses are delivered by our highly experienced production faculty, at your location, to a maximum of four delegates.

Even though we provide a prospectus detailing the content of each course, the trainer will conduct a Zoom Call with you, prior to each course, to ascertain the skill set of the delegates, the equipment you have, and the type of work you want to produce, and will adapt the course accordingly.

The costs below are for the trainer (so, for example, it will be just £175 per delegate if 4 attend a £700 one-day course).

  • Half-day Courses £500 + VAT
  • 1-day courses £700 + VAT
  • 2-day courses £1,300 + VAT
  • 3-day courses  £1,800 + VAT
  • 5-day courses £2,800 + VAT

Costs exclude accommodation (where necessary) and travel in UK at 55p per mile. Travel outside UK is charged at cost.


  • Scripting for the screen (1 day)
  • AI assisted Scripting and Storyboarding (2 days)
  • Storytelling (2 days)
  • Press Release Writing (1 day)


  • Producing Videos for Social Media (3 days)
  • Camera Operation (Any Camera - 1 or 2 days)
  • Using the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 (1 day)
  • Generic Video Filming Techniques for Cinematic Results (1 day)
  • Sound recording and boom operation (1 day)
  • Directing Skills (2 days)
  • Gimbal Operation (1 day)
  • Video Interviewing Skills (1 day)
  • Comprehensive Video Production Masterclass - Traditional and AI assisted (5 days)
  • Multi-camera live mixing, encoding and broadcasting (2 days)
  • Chromakey and Greenscreen workshop (1 day)
  • How to produce for Livestream broadcast (1 day)
  • AI Sign Language generation for improved accessibility (1 day)

Post Production

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Introduction (2 or 3 days)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Advanced (4 days)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Introduction to AI co-pilot (1 day)
  • Adobe Audition (2 days)
  • Adobe InDesign (2 days)
  • Adobe Animate: 2D Animation (2 days)
  • Blender: 3D & Character Animation (3 days)
  • Adobe After Effects & Motion Graphics (2 days)
  • Colour Grading and Correction with Lumetri in Adobe Premiere (2 days)
  • Introduction to DaVinci Resolve (I day)
  • DaVinci Resolve Advanced& AI features (2 days)
  • Canva for Designers (1 day)
  • Canva for Video Producers (1 day)
  • Producing Videos on Camtasia (1 day)

Presenting & Media Relations

Presenting and Media Relations course lengths and costs depend on your exact needs and will be determined after a no-obligation Zoom Call with our Presenting/Media Relations Trainers.


  • On-camera Presenting Skills
  • Business Presenting Skills
  • Video Interviewing Skills

Media Relations

  • Press/Media Relations
  • Media Training for Small Business, Charities and Corporates
  • Crisis Management


"Thanks for sharing with us your Video Production Masterclass. The training was comprehensive, highly informative and inspiring and, just as you promised, after these few days of instruction we're feeling very confident that we can produce high quality video programs ourselves and we're really excited to get started!"


Marketing Director, Wick Hill

Wick Hill logo
"I enjoyed the Video Production Masterclass for Trainers course enormously. It is the best thing I have ever done in the NHS. So much fun! I can't wait to put it into practice."


Learning Technologist, Royal United Hospitals Bath, NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Health Education England
"Peter opened our eyes to a new way of thinking about video content, and helped us generate some great ideas for future productions. The practical filming and editing sessions were fantastic fun, and the whole team is now much more confident in using equipment, especially setting up lighting and recording sound. We're excited to start shooting our next B2B blockbuster!"


SEO & Content Executive, Quadrotech

Quadrotech logo
"What a superb and engaging course, Loads of fun activities and most importantly they are experts in their field. Learned so much in such a short space of time. Very enjoyable three-day course. Thanks so much."


Wealth Learning Delivery Manager, Lloyds Bank Plc

Lloyds Bank logo
"I just want to say thank you very much for running the Video session with me and my team. The team got a lot from the session they believe this is going to enhance their ability to develop in house video. As a person who is brand new to making videos I really enjoyed the session and thought the pace and structure was perfect. And I though the premier screening and awards was a nice touch."


Training & Development Business Partner, Argos

Argos logo
"Thanks for the training over the last few days. I found the training very useful and having the hands on approach really helped me understand the different stages of filming. I also liked the guidance and advice you gave me with my own equipment as this will help me get the most out of what I already have."


Digital Design Coordinator, Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's logo
"Over the last three days, I’ve learnt lots of practical skills to greatly improve our training video resources. Peter has lots of knowledge and experience. Really enjoyed the masterclass."


Critical Capabilities, Regulatory and Mandatory L&D Senior Consultant, Risk Division, Leeds Building Society

Leeds Building Society logo


Inhouse Video provide a complete turnkey solution that covers all aspects of in-house video production from the initial consultation through to equipment recommendation and sourcing; staff recruitment; apprentices; in-house studio set-up; comprehensive training in all aspects of video production; supply of freelancers, actors, voice overs, music and stock footage together with on-going support and advice. We can ever undertake complete video production projects at preferential rates if you are too busy to do them yourselves. Below is a full list of the services on offer.




  • Discuss requirements
  • Provide Free Advice
  • Agree Video Strategy
  • Assess Skill Levels
  • Recommend Equipment
  • Source Suppliers
  • Install amd Configure
  • Recruit Personnel
  • Arrange Apprenticeships
  • Set Up In-house Studio
  • Establish Style Sheets
  • Produce Graphics
  • Create Sample Videos

Video Production Training


  • On Location Training
  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Sound Recording
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Direction
  • Make Up
  • Production Tips
  • Interview Skills
  • Post Production
  • YouTube Secrets
  • Digitising

Video Production Resources

Production Resources

  • Additional Crew
  • Grip Equipment Hire
  • Autocue & Operators
  • Library Footage
  • Library Music
  • Composition
  • Graphics
  • Presenters
  • Actors
  • Studios
  • Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Websites & Apps

Video Production Support


  • Telephone Helpline
  • Production Support
  • Freelance Directors
  • Knowledge Base
  • Expert Forums
  • Advisory Videos
  • On-going Training
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Continuous Professional Development


In order to recommend the best solutions for your company it’s essential that we fully understand your in-house capabilities and your requirements.

In our free consultations we will present some great ideas on how you can use utilize the tremendous communicative power of video throughout your organisation. We will also give you some great tips on how to maximise your video audience and improve video rankings on youtube and internet browsers. In fact we guarantee that, whether you do business with us out not, you will find the advice that you will be given during our meeting to be invaluable.

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