Our unique approach to Video Production

What makes our video production approach so unique is that every time we create a video for you, we make it a collaborative process, so your team can learn the essential production skills over the course of the project.

The Video Mastery Production Process

Every step is a learning experience.

  1. We write the script together. We start by working together to write the script, combining your in-depth knowledge of your company, products and services with our scripting, storytelling and storyboarding skills.
  2. We create and discuss the shot list. We create a shortlist from the script and discuss with you the best locations, cast, camera angles, camera movements and lighting design to enhance every scene.
  3. We involve you in the filming. If you wish you can use your own cameras or smartphones, with our guidance, to gather additional footage on the shoot that could be used in the final edit. We also show you exactly how we light every scene for maximum effect.
  4. We edit together on-site. Finally, we will edit your video on your premises, so you can see how it is done, learn from our expert editors, and give your own creative input.

Our unique approach to Video Production will ensure that, at the end of the project, not only will you have the perfect video, but your team will have learned so many invaluable skills during the production process.

In fact, the more you work with us, the less you'll need us!

Choice of Producers

You can choose any of our producers to help you with the project, and before making your decision you can view each of their showreels below and see whose creative style best matches your vision. You can also read their bios on the Faculty page.

Competitive Pricing

Despite the obvious additional benefits derived from this unique approach to video production you will find our production costs extremely competitive.

To discuss your production with us and get a competitive quotation, book a zoom now by clicking on the button below or simply call us on 01604 583414.

Production Showreels

Ian Sandall

Ian Sandall is a highly-experienced trainer with a wide-ranging TV and video background encompassing producing and directing, scriptwriting, filming, editing and voiceovers. Ian trained and worked for many years at the BBC.

Lloyd Ludgrove

Over the last 16 years he has worked directly with a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors developing and delivering imaginative, inspiring and innovative Digital Media content to help clients achieve their goals.

David Briscoe

A Videographer, Director of Photography and Senior Editor. More recently moved into narrative film as the colourist for two independent films.

Gregg Smith

Gregg Smith has been working as a freelance cameraman for over 25 years. He has worked on feature films, TV dramas, commercials, pop promos, broadcast and corporate projects all over the world.